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Collaboration & Partnership

Support Staffordshire recognisesPhoto of a round table discussion that a VCSE sector, that enriches the lives of Staffordshire people, is interdependent on a myriad of other organisations, public and private, with the same aims of happy, healthy, meaningful livelihoods for all.

We recognise that participation in voluntary or community activity is dependent on people having financial security of employment, the social security of a supportive family and the individual security of health. Conversely, these things can be enhanced and supported through voluntary and community activity. None operates in isolation.

Both barriers and opportunities can only be overcome or have their potential realised by working in collaboration with others. Our success is co-dependent with partners. We need each other and hence collaboration is an everyday practice, which we work continually to improve.

Support Staffordshire has outlined its commitment to working in partnership through our Charter for CollaborationPDF icon Charter for Collaboration.pdf

We currently work collaboratively through the following joint projects and programmes: