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Building Better Opportunities

Your organisation / group may be helping, or in contact with, individuals who would benefit from taking part in Building Better Opportunities (BBO) Stafford and South Staffordshire. This is a jointly funded project by the Big Lottery Fund and European Skills Fund (ESF), aimed at supporting people who are not currently in work. 

This is a bespoke programme, meaning each and every person that joins has an individual action plan that aligns with their personal needs.  The programme is completely free for all participants, meaning they are able to focus 100% on improving their personal, financial and employability skills.

The programme is made up of a network of partners across Stafford and South Staffordshire – including Support Staffordshire - offering a wealth of specialist support that people can take advantage of.  This could include animal therapy, work placements, yoga, meditation, anxiety and mental health workshops, confidence building activities, debt recovery, IT skills, access to computers and the internet, support with housing and benefit queries as well as so much more.  All participants are also assigned a dedicated support worker, also known as advocate, who works closely with them to ensure they are fully supported every step of the way.  It’s the advocates’ job to get to know and to support participants throughout their journey with BBO.

BBO will help participants to overcome the barriers they may be facing and support them to move closer to being able to apply for a job. Some people may not be looking for full-time work, but would like to work part-time or to do volunteering in the community. BBO can support someone to find a volunteering opportunity or some work experience to improve their skills, their CV and most importantly themselves.

The journey to get to that point will be different for every person and that’s what makes the programme special; it treats each person as the unique individual they are, everyone’s story is respected and participants will be empowered to live their best life. 

To find out more, contact Rob Arnold at Support Staffordshire at rob.arnold@supportstaffordshire.org.uk or ring 07792 241008.

Further information on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/BuildingBetterOpportunities/ and Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/company/building-better-opportunities/