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Volunteer Star Awards

All nominations submitted for the 2020 awards will be carried forward and the new closing date for nominations is 30th March 2021.

Sadly in 2020 we had to cancel our Volunteer Star Awards events due to Covid and government restrictions.  We hoped we would be in a position to easily hold the events safely in person in 2021 but yet again we find ourselves in another ongoing position of uncertainty. 

Therefore, rather than cancel for a second year we have taken the decision to go virtual this year instead.  We feel it’s really important to recognise the wonderful work that our volunteers do in the community, and somehow it seems now this is more important than ever. 

How will this work

We will be combining localities and live-streaming 4 awards ceremonies on YouTube and we hope to make it as exciting, engaging and fabulous as we can!

More details with dates can be found here.


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