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Diagnostic Sessions

Your time is precious.  Our diagnostic sessions are designed to help you prioritise the essential improvements that your organisation would most benefit from.  Once you’ve completed one of our diagnostic sessions, the issues facing your organisation will be much clearer, enabling you to focus on what’s important.  We will provide you with the tools you need to succeed and a report detailing our findings, including a list of written recommendations. 

The three most popular diagnostic sessions we currently provide are:

Organisation and Charity Registration

We are specialists in charity governance and will work with you to a successful conclusion.

Cut through the jargon and add some expertise to your charity registration. Through this service, we will work closely with you to turn your ideal charity into a reality, ensuring that your charity is set-up correctly, enabling you to support your community most effectively.

Funding Advice

Need some expert support to diversify, grow and stabilise your organisation income streams?  Do you require a full funding search with tailored bid writing advice? We can support with a one-to-one session to enable you to consider all types of funding. 

We can perform a detailed review of funding streams not easily accessible, including trusts and other funds.  Tailored to your needs, we will recommend the funds that fit your proposal for the greatest chance of success. 

Accountancy Support

Did you know we can work with you to set up or help you simplify your financial systems?  No matter what your issues are, whether you are a new organisation or one that has been running long term, we can work with you. 

Some of our services include:

Bid Writing and Review

Are you looking for funding? Do you want bids that stand out from the crowd and address what funders are looking for?  We are often in dialogue with funders and understand what they are looking for so we know how to make a really good case in applications, demonstrate impact and align your project/proposal with a funder’s priority. 

We offer a comprehensive package of bid writing services suitable for all budgets:

Services offered:

Payroll Services

Staffordshire can provide a full and confidential payroll service to suit all needs.   Whether you employ 1 person or 50 members of staff we can help to ease the burden and pressures of dealing with HMRC.  We offer a flexible approach to reporting and dealing with all relevant HMRC requirements and procedures taking the pressure off the organisations and releasing valuable time to deal with the more important aspects of the organisation.

Services provided:

· Process weekly/monthly payroll from the information provided by the organisation