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Human Rights & International Issues

Asylum Seekers & Refugees - What is Happening in Lichfield?

Lichfield Quakers and Friends are conducting an open meeting where people and groups who are supporting asylum seekers can tell the interested public what they are doing, and how they can be supported from Lichfield. This covers people in the Middle East, mainland Europe and already in the UK.

They have a full schedule of speakers so can't give formal space to further contributions; conversely, people who attend will be hearing about a wide range of projects. 
They will forward briefing notes to anyone who contacts them.

'Promoting Fundamental British Values' Multiagency Workshop

Lichfield District Safer Community Partnership is holding 2 free British Values training sessions (morning and afternoon) on 16 March2016 to assist with implementing the Prevent Duty and promoting fundamental British values. 

The half-day training sessions, repeated morning and afternoon, is free of charge and will focus on what it means to promote British Values in schools particularly, but will also be of interest to our local partners.  

Please see the flyer below for further information.