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Equalities & Diversity

Landscape Partnership Inspires and Enables Children and Young People to Benefit from Being Outdoors in the South West Peak

Launched in 2017, the South West Peak Landscape Partnership is a group of organisations working together and with volunteers to restore, protect, and improve the landscape of the South West Peak area.

With the Peak District National Park as lead partner and the support of the National Lottery Heritage Fund this 5-year partnership (with benefits reaching far beyond that time) works with local communities to build stronger connections with the landscape and with each other.

What are we trying to achieve?

I’ve been lucky enough to take some R&R over the summer, spend time with my family and do a bit of reading, both fiction and non. It’s brought me back to work feeling a mixture of enthusiasm for the post-Covid possibilities and unease with the business as usual inertia that is so hard to shift, in ourselves and others. I’ve kept my blogs pretty practical over the last year, so, amongst the day to day and the ever evolving VCSE picture, I’m going to try and use my next few blogs to articulate some of the bigger picture thinking I’m grasping to hold onto after my holidays!

Comic Relief Community Fund - Capacity Building Grant

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis

Grants of up to £1,000 are available for small local grassroots organisations in England to become stronger and more robust and better able to deliver projects that bring about lasting change.

The Community Fund is provided by Comic Relief and administered for organisations in England by community charity, Groundwork, which specialises in transforming communities and the local environment for the better.

Communities Against Crimes of Hate (CACH) Awarded Charity Status

Communities Against Crimes of Hate (CACH) has been awarded charity status as a CIO.  They are a long standing organisation who support victims of hate crime in a variety of ways including acting as an advocate as well as being a listening ear.  CACH also educate and raise awareness of hate crime as well as promoting tolerance in schools, colleges, workplaces and the community.  

Equalities and Diversity


Who should attend:

This course is aimed at all staff, volunteers and trustees in any setting.


This topic is relevant to everyone as all organisations need to ensure equality of opportunity as well as embrace a diverse and ever changing world.  This course looks at what the law says and examines how it is applied practically.  It also examines discrimination and ensures services are accessible to all.