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Greggs Foundation Environmental Grant

The environmental grants programme supports projects that improve the physical environment in a way that will improve people's lives. 

Any not for profit organisation can apply, preference will be given to small, locally based and community led organisations with a turnover not in excess of £300,000 per annum. Schools are also encouraged to apply and are given the same level of priority as small locally based organisations. 

Rural Forum Funding Event

Businesses in rural areas now have a number of different routes to find support for their growth ambitions. Funding from both the government and the EU is still available through a range of bespoke and general support programmes operated locally through local authorities, Chambers of Commerce and other organisations.

Churnet Valley Guide

The Churnet Valley Guide is a project (2016) within the Churnet Valley Living Landscape Partnership (CVLLP), an HLF funded programme; Support Staffordshire is one of the partners.

The Churnet Valley Guide is developing into a community and visitor resource and you have an opportunity to contribute to building this site and to discover, share and enjoy everything that's on offer in the Churnet Valley.

Involving the community in Staffordshire County Council's country estate

As part of the review of its country estate, Staffordshire County Council has recently held two information days - one at Chasewater in the south of the county and the other at Apedale in the north - to update invitees on the review process and to help community and voluntary groups, with an interest in a particular site, to get to know each other. The County Council is looking for organisations who would like to get involved in managing all or part of one of its country parks or other site, including greenways, or developing new activities on those sites.

Barclays £100 Million Agriculture Loan Fund

The fund is for farmers looking to modernise their infrastructure, helping to streamline their farming processes and increase efficiency. The fund will also assist farmers looking to reduce their farm’s exposure to market volatility by providing funds to invest in viable diversification projects, either within agriculture or from non-agriculture sources. Loan could therefore act as source of match funding for grants.