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Volunteer Managers Workshop

This is an ideal workshop for busy Volunteer Co-ordinators who wish to gain knowledge of best practice and how to apply it. The day will also provide opportunities to network and share information.  This session will cover:

  • Developing a volunteering programme
  • Recruitment & selection
  • Support & supervision
  • Retention of volunteers


THE RIGHT START - Basic Marketing Techniques

Who should attend:

This session is suitable marketing officers, project officers or managers involved in marketing activities.


Are you a new organisation looking at marketing what you do? Do you want to improve your current techniques to reach more people? Do you want to reach more people, get more funds or simply get your voice heard? This course covers the basic marketing techniques all organisations can benefit from. This session will cover:

THE RIGHT START: Committee and Trustee Roles and Responsibilities

Who should attend:

This session is aimed at new or exisiting committee members or Trustees who would like to know more about their role and responsibilities.


Committees and Trustees have specific duties and share ultimate responsibility for how an organisation is managed and run. This introductory session will help both new and existing committee members and Trustees focus on what you need to know to manage your organisation well. The session will cover:-

Effective Committee Meetings

A short workshop covering the basics of how to run an effective committee meeting including:

  • Importance of a minimum number of attendees
  • Ways to achieve maximum attendance
  • Preparation of documents
  • Responsibilities of the chair and secretary
  • Being an effective chair
  • Managing an agenda
  • Post meeting administration


Discussions are taking place in Government about the shape of investment programmes post Brexit for those areas that have benefitted from European funding such as employment and economic infrastructure and business projects. The first public announcements on this are likely to come in the Chancellor's Statement in the Autumn. A Green Paper with more detail will probably be published in the New Year. The local Stoke and Staffordshire Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) has commissioned work to start exploring a LEP perspective for the new policy. 


Last year Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce launched a two-week Festival for Businesses. This year it's three jam-packed days. The team is excited to welcome businesses of all shapes and sizes, including social enterprises and any organisation that seeks to apply business skills. The Festival starts with The Inspirational Day from 9am to 2pm on Tuesday 7 November at the headquarters of iconic global business, JCB. There will be three amazing speakers:

Leadership Programme, The King's Fund - for leaders in the Voluntary & Community Sector

Cascading Leadership Programme

This free programme matches experienced, high-performing leaders in the voluntary and community sector (VCS) with others in the sector to share their knowledge and provide peer support. It is designed for those who want to develop both their organisational and leadership skills and contribute to the sector.