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Survey to help ensure people with learning disabilities receive the best end of life care and bereavement support

Funded by Hospice UK, St Giles Hospice have a project, ‘Living, Dying and Remembering: Supporting People with Learning Disabilities’ which aims to improve the care and support offered locally to people with learning disabilities, but to do this they need your help. 

Recent publicity has highlighted the way in which people with learning disabilities are often disadvantaged when it comes to end of life care and bereavement support. 

Together We're Better Update: January 29th

The UK has now passed the grim milestone of 100,000 COVID-19 related deaths, which is amongst the highest death tolls in Europe. Particularly moving have been the stories of those lost at the front line. This includes those who volunteered to return to the frontline, whether that be A&E, ITU, a COVID ward and died as a result. There’s also the long tale of those seriously damaged by COVID-19, many with a long road to recovery, some who will never fully recover at all. We know that many more people will still become ill from this virus, and many will sadly pass.

Disabled Facilities Grants for Individuals

What are Disabled Facilities Grants?

There is a range of options available which may make you and/or your carer's everyday life much easier and safer.  A Disabled Facilities Grant is funding to help a disabled person adapt their home to make it easier and safer to live in.  The works must be necessary and appropriate.  This will need to be discussed between the disabled person and an Occupational Therapist or Trusted Assessor.  It must also be reasonable and practicable to carry out the works - this often depends on the age, condition and layout of the property.

There are 72 Places of Welcome registered in Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent

After what has been a long and hard 2020 for us all, but especially for those whom we all support in our local communities, I would like to close the year by celebrating the resilience and ingenuity that has been shown by our Places of Welcome in Stoke on Trent and Staffordshire, and look forward to reaching out into our neighbourhoods again, come the New Year. 

Look for a Light Project

Communities have pulled together during Covid-19 producing relationships that would not have been seen before. New Inter-generational relationships have gained importance in communities.  There is a sense of neighbourhood. The cohesive work that has been completed during Covid-19 is an asset which we wish to retain, and with the lack of being able to properly celebrate Halloween and Bonfire night the Look for a Light project came into being as something to get involved in, something fun, something that creates light in the dark days of autumn and winter.


All organisations and groups, whether large or small, have a responsibility to safeguarding people. Safeguarding means keeping people safe from abuse or neglect and we can do that in various ways.

Recruitment Practices

All groups and organisations should be following good practice in recruiting volunteers and staff to positions where they will come into contact with children or vulnerable adults.  This includes good role descriptions, matching individuals to roles and doing appropriate checks like reference and criminal record checks.