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Recovery Planning

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Many charities have been adapting under the pressure of the recent crisis.  Some have turned their services around and continued to support their service users.  Some have been responding as they have been in the best place to do so.  Others have had to reduce and/or temporarily shut.  If you are in a position where you are starting to think about what comes might next, it might be helpful to consider the following.

Services and your Community

  • What is the current need?  Who are your current service users and how are you meeting their needs right now?
  • As lockdown eases, is the need going to be the same as it currently is?  Will it return to the original need?  Are there going to be some service users who are more in need than others?
  • How will you deliver services?  Will you continue some online?  If you return to previous delivery methods, what do you need to consider?
  • What has happened with volunteers?  Have you gained new ones who will you lose become of a return to previous commitments?  How can you work with that?

Organisation and Staffing

  • Have you considered your back to work plan?  Who needs to come back first?  Who will need to continue to be shielded?
  • What has been happening in your staff’s personal lives?  Things will have affected everyone differently, how will you rebuild and regain focus?
  • How will you meet social distancing guidelines whilst back at work?  Complete a risk assessment to enable staff and volunteers to come back whilst also considering the need for individuals to still work remotely


  • Have you lost or had reduced income?  Have you reviewed this and created scenarios for the future?
  • What happens when short term funding ends?
  • What opportunities are out there?
  • What remains relevant in your work, what needs adapting, what needs to be cut?

Collaboration and Challenge

  • Have you made new partnerships during the crisis?  How will that change and continue beyond the life of this current situation?
  • What are your successes during this time?  Tell the story, capture the impact of your work, build a picture.  This will help for future funding bids as well.


For each aspect of this it might be useful to think about the 5 Rs:

Rescue – can you salvage anything from before the crisis?

Reform – is this an opportunity to change what you were doing before?

Resilience – how have you shown your resilience as an organisation?

Recovery – how do you continue from at your current position to rebuild your organisation?

Reoccurrence– what are the lessons learned if something like this hits again?

File ACEVO-recovery-self-assessment-framework-final.docx