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A Practical Guide to Organising Events

One Day Course

Who should attend:

Anyone involved in organising or hosting events.


Events are an effective way of bringing people together whether for fundraising, raising awareness or promoting an organisation.  This practical course provides a step by step guide to planning and hosting successful events with considerations for both indoor and outdoor events.  This course will cover:            

  • The event management life cycle            
  • Types of events and objectives            
  • Planning of activities and considerations          
  • Event health and safety            
  • Promotion and communication            
  • Financial planning            
  • Debriefing and evaluation


At the end of this course participants will:            

  • Understand the key principles of planning successful events            
  • Be aware of the legal obligations as an organiser            
  • Be able to confidently lead and brief teams            
  • Be able to produce operational documentation