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One-to-one Support & Consultancy

Support Staffordshire prides itself on offering 1:1 support as and only when it is genuinely needed. 1:1 support is expensive for us and the customer organisation, it takes time and commitment and we don’t want to make things more complicated than they need to be.

However, for some projects, challenges, opportunities or issues, there is nothing like having a personal support programme to advise, guide and sometimes cajole you through to successful completion.

Support Staffordshire offers 1:1 support over and above the members ‘free 3 hours’ on a bespoke basis; either as fixed surgery sessions hour by hour or as part of a longer term piece of consultancy support over a prolonged but defined period. In some rare cases, if you genuinely don’t require your 3 hours support on a more holistic basis we may be able to apply it to 1:1 support on a specific subject. However all members need to bear in mind that they cannot then go back and have free diagnostic and action-planning support as well. If you are not sure how to best use your free support, call your Locality Officer to talk it through first.

Our third party investors will often fund additional 1:1 support where their priorities coincide with yours. Alternatively, you may seek to fund our support from a funding application you are making or a training and professional development budget you already have.

We will discuss these funding options with you towards the end of our free 3 hour support or as part of a bespoke quote for work at any time. We are also happy to provide supporting information to help you frame a funding application with us in mind.

For a free consultancy quote please contact your local office in the first instance.