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The criteria for young person to be members of the Tuesday evening youth group is set out below, but the criteria is used as a guide to making appropriate referrals. * The young person must be within school years 5 to year 13. * The young person might find difficulty in making positive lasting friendships. * The young person might not be especially popular within their peer group. * The young person has experienced or might be susceptible to bullying. * The young person might be personally withdrawn and show signs of having low self esteem. * The young person might have difficulties within their family relationships that limit the support they gain from their family. * The young person can be from any socio-economic background. * The young person does not have to be on the SEN register. We also run playschemes in the school holidays alongside the sports leaders who now work for Everyones Active, and this is open to anyone over 6 years who wishes to cook or do craft and have registered with the sports team.

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East Staffordshire

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Children 5 - 12