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BLAST - Burntwood and Lichfield Autism Support Together

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Awesome Group for Awesome Autistic Kids! We are here to celebrate diversity and share our knowledge about autism. Navigating life in a neurotypical world can be difficult for children with Autism. Learning social rules and understanding expectations without suppressing our wonderful, funny, creative kids is a difficult balancing act. Building confidence and independence in what can seem to be a very confusing and overwhelming world can be hard. But with the right knowledge and support our children can soar and achieve their potential as amazing adults.

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Geographical areas covered

Cannock Chase, Lichfield & District

Services provided

Health / Social Welfare, Youth Activities, Sport / Leisure / Healthy Living, Advice / Information / Advocacy / Legal, Education / Training / Employment, Disability Services, Childcare & Parenting, Carer Support

Target groups

Children 5 - 12, Young People 13 - 19, Young People 20 - 25, Adults 26 - 49, Adults 50 - 64, People with a learning disability, People suffering from mental distress, Carers