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Your Housing Group Funding

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Thu 28 Oct 2021

Community groups in the Staffordshire Moorlands area can now apply for up to £2,000 from our brand new funding programme.

It's in your hands is a pot of money - £50,000 - that we have made available for our community groups and organisations to support and help them make a real difference to their neighbourhoods.

Each year, groups who fulfill the criteria can apply for money to go towards something that will help to improve the outcomes in the areas where they live.


To apply for the funding, the groups must be constituted with access to a bank account.

Examples of what the funding can pay for include:

• Equipment hire or purchase

• Information technology equipment (computers etc.)

• Publicity materials for use in your project (flyers, posters etc.)

• Sectional workers (those who work only as and when required)

• Training

• Venue hire

• Volunteer expenses

Examples of what we can’t pay for include:

• Activities that occur/start before we confirm funding has been granted

• Day-to-day running costs (for example, utility bills, council tax, rent and insurance)

• Ongoing staff costs (including salaries of permanent or fixed term staff)

• Political or religious activities

• Projects that cannot be completed in the financial year (can be discussed)

• Routine repairs and maintenance

• Sports team memberships

• Community day trips

See here for more information on how to apply.