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Work Force Volunteering for ‘One Off’ Projects?

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Thu 3 Dec 2015

At Support Staffordshire we regularly have businesses across Staffordshire who contact us asking for ‘one off’ volunteering opportunities for their workforce. For example a request was recently received for an organisation with a workforce of 20 people who are looking to volunteer for a day in March.

Does your organisation have any projects that they would like a group volunteers to undertake for a day? Volunteers could be involved in projects such as gardening, cleaning, painting and decorating or anything else that you have identified could be of use to your organisation.

If your organisation would be interested in being considered for the above, or for future requests which come into our office, please contact Joy Biddell on 01543 303030 or email joy.biddell@supportstaffordshire.org.uk Let Joy know what projects you have planned both now or in the future, the roles the volunteers would undertake and how many volunteers you would need.