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Why is having good governance so important?

Wed 22 Sep 2021

Voluntary organisations exist to have a positive impact on the communities they serve. Having a confident, diverse & skilled board that provides good governance is crucial for any organisation to fulfil its purpose.

Having good governance provides direction and supervision, whilst ensuring effectiveness and accountability for an organisation.

  • Direction. If you know where you’re going it’s much easier to get there.  The board should have the capacity to set the strategy and overall direction; providing leadership for everyone in the organisation.
  • Supervision.  Once the goals are set, you’ll need to ensure the organisation stays on track. To help with this you’ll benefit from establishing controls, managing risk & monitoring performance.
  • Effectiveness.  A lot of effort goes into increasing resources; whether that is getting funding or recruiting volunteers. Once your organisation has resources the board should ensure they are being used effectively to maximise productivity and impact on the community.
  • Accountability.  The charity should be transparent about its work with all of its stakeholders. If the board is open and accountable then you can celebrate success and show a willingness to learn from failure. This will increase trust with stakeholders and increase engagement.

Looking for a place to start?

  • You can register to attend our Right Start training: Committee and Trustee Roles and Responsibilities on 30th November, free to members. This is a great refresher for established trustees and acts as an introduction to the role for new ones (places are limited to 2 per organisation).
  • Does your board need support to set the organisation’s direction? We deliver away days tailored to suit your needs. Interested? Email us: consultancy@supportstaffordshire.org.uk.
  • The Charity Governance Code is a great tool for small charities to work through, you can find it here: www.charitygovernancecode.org.
  • Think your board could benefit from some training on a specific topic? Take advantage of our bespoke trustee training offer.  To find out more and talk to us about your needs email us consultancy@supportstaffordshire.org.uk.