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Update on New Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) and missing children service

Fri 1 Sep 2017

The child sexual exploitation (CSE) and missing children service in Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire will be run by national organisation, Catch22, from 1st September 2017. This will replace a number of current services provided by Staffordshire Police, Brighter Futures and Families First.

The new service will tackle CSE through a range of early work and targeted support with families and carry out return home interviews for all missing children.

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CPD Accredited Training from Savana

Thu 31 Aug 2017

Savana are currently offering CPD Accredited Training in the following:


Responding to Disclosure of Sexual Violence

‘This course will explore what constitutes sexual violence and how to cope and deal with disclosure, including identifying local sources of support. The session is aimed at anyone who may have to deal with disclosure during the course of their work’


Female Genital Mutilation

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North Lichfield Good Neighbour community newsletter

Thu 31 Aug 2017

The first edition of a new community newsletter has been delivered to 1000 homes in North Lichfield over the August Bank Holiday weekend. It contains useful information about local voluntary groups and organisations who work in the area and promotes local events. You can download a copy below.

A second edition will be delivered at the end of September.

Content for the next issue should be emailed to northlichfieldnews@gmail.com by 20 September 2017. 

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Wed 30 Aug 2017

Contact the Elderly, the national charity dedicated to tackling loneliness and isolation among older people, has teamed up with local organisation Support Staffordshire to extend an invitation to tea to older residents in Stafford.

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Action on Hearing Loss - Event Cancellation

Wed 30 Aug 2017


Due to the closure of Rising Brook Baptist church for the day on 5 September, we regret to inform clients that there will be no HEAR 2 HELP drop-in on that morning.

‘Normal service’ will resume on Tuesday 3 October, from 11.00am to 12.30pm and thereafter on the first Tuesday of each month.

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Staffordshire Children's Centres Annual Satisfaction Survey

Thu 24 Aug 2017

Staffordshire Children’s Centres serve their local community and their services are designed at providing all children within Staffordshire the best start in life.

The feedback of residents, parents and families is crucial in helping to ensure they are providing the services to meet your needs and to do this they carry out an annual Children’s Centre Satisfaction Survey.  Now is the time to provide your feedback whether you are a regular user, have only accessed their services once or never accessed their services before.

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Call blockers for people living with dementia

Tue 22 Aug 2017

The National Trading Standards Scams Team are looking for national partner organisations to help identify people living with dementia who would benefit from a call blocker to stop them receiving nuisance and scam calls. Once a partner has identified a potential user they would send the partner a call blocker for installation.

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To volunteer or not to volunteer?

Tue 15 Aug 2017

It’s a staple statistic in the VCSE sector that 20% of the people do 80% of the volunteering and whilst I have not recently checked the statistical validity of this claim, it rings true for most. A relatively small band of folk who have the time and inclination undertake a lot of voluntary work, often for multiple organisations at once and for many more over time, moving on from one voluntary role to another. The biggest band of volunteers would seem to be those who work part time or not at all and those who are retired but still physically active.

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Ambassadors needed for Together we're Better Programme

Mon 14 Aug 2017

Are you passionate about effective local health and care in Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent?

• Are you a good listener?

• Are you interested in engaging others in new and different ways of thinking and working?

• Are you an advocate for positive change across the health and care system?

• Are you looking for a new challenge or a development opportunity?

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Tamworth Borough Council Budget Consultation 2018/19

Mon 14 Aug 2017

Tamworth Borough Council logo

As part of an annual process, we review the Council Tax and Charges strategy for the development of the Council’s budget and ensure that funding is put into areas of highest priority. As part of the budget setting process, we consult with residents, businesses and the voluntary and community sector on their priorities for Council spending.

As a member of the voluntary and community sector, you may wish to complete the voluntary and community sector survey. Please click here to complete this.

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