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Together We're Better Coronavirus Support and Materials

Fri 1 May 2020

As we enter week six of lockdown, we are very aware that the coronavirus has been an unusual time for most people and has been distressing for many. People have been unable to see friends and family face-to-face and others are struggling with isolation, having been instructed by the government to shield/self-isolate for at least 12-weeks and not leave their homes. 

The national team who are leading on communications during this pandemic have produced a range of tools and resources, including in alternative formats and/or languages, which you can find HERE. We hope you found these useful. It is clear that the coronavirus will continue to impact on our communities, staff and services for the foreseeable future. With this in mind, we are keen to listen to your suggestions for how we can support your communities with reliable messages and resources through the coming weeks and months. We are also keen to understand if there are any myths circulating or any barriers that the groups/communities you work with are facing in accessing health and care services, as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. 

If there is any information, or any materials that would be useful to inform your groups/communities (including in alternative formats and/or languages), please let us know by emailing twb.comms@nhs.net. We will then work with the national team to try and tailor our messages to your communities’ needs, where appropriate. If you would welcome a phone call to discuss please let us know. As ever, please feel free to share this message with any protected groups that you work with.