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Time - The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Mon 16 Dec 2019

I have heard mentioned, just once or twice before, that Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year. Now I know not all would agree, for many reasons, but even the most ardent supporters of this statement might admit that Christmas not only stretches your bank balance, but also your time management capabilities.

Days suddenly need to also include frantic shopping trips, car park roulette, painfully slow internet connections (normally when you’re attempting to check out) and never ending reams of wrapping and cards and that glittery string stuff that never quite curls the way you want it to. And yet, somehow, we fit it all in. When really pushed, it’s amazing what we can find the time to do. And why do we put ourselves through this year after year? Well ultimately the satisfaction of doing things for others makes it all seem worthwhile. Trouble is, as soon as Christmas is over, we go back to our old routines, the extra time we made disappears, and too quickly we forget how we managed to squeeze it all in.

Well this year, when presents have long been opened, buttons are bursting from too many mince pies, hangovers have been nursed and the decorations are tucked away for another year, perhaps consider donating some of that spare time to do something that will mean a lot to so many. Why not consider giving a little of your time to a local charity or community group? Apart from the overwhelming sense of satisfaction you will undoubtedly get, the new people you will meet, the skills you will develop, etc., etc., there is the added bonus here that, during the lean weeks of January, volunteering is both low cost and low calorie! Double bonus!

Volunteering roles come in shapes and sizes of all kinds and our team of Volunteer Advisers are waiting to help you find one that fits. Call 0300 777 1207 to make an appointment, and start your new year off by continuing the season of giving, so it actually lasts all year round.

And finally, a big thank you to the whole Support Staffordshire Volunteering team, staff and volunteers, for all of their hard work and support this year. It’s been a year of challenges and we end it on a brilliant high with two new much needed supported volunteering projects in full swing. The work that everyone in the team does offers support to so many people within our communities; the volunteers who they help to place, the groups they are placed with and the people who are beneficiaries of their volunteering roles. Our Volunteer Advisers are all volunteers themselves, giving their time to help so many. Thank you all so much for everything you do. We couldn’t do any of it without you.

Merry Christmas.

Zoe Crozier

Senior Volunteering Officer