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Surviving Together

Tue 15 Nov 2016

It continues to be a very tough time for many voluntary organisations with ever rising demand and shrinking resources. I also expect that for many, the repeated calls for groups to be more innovative, to think differently or to work smarter feels like a kick in the teeth when you are desperately trying to survive and to save your services from closure. I have said this before and I will say it again that I also believe that there is an unfortunate perception from some parts of the public sector that voluntary organisations can be ‘more efficient’, assuming a level of inefficiency exists on par with public bodies that simply never has.

So, this month I shall refrain from teaching you to suck eggs or to try and offer an inspirational call to work in partnership or collaborate – I shall assume those that can are doing so. Instead I will offer two very practical measures you should consider.

Firstly, don’t suffer in silence. For all the doom and gloom there is some funding out there to be won – please book a funding session with your Support Staffordshire Locality Officer now, and make sure you have checked all possibilities.

Secondly, plan for the inevitable, if that’s where you are at. If you face major cuts and closure, then plan for it. This means reducing services and managing your shrinkage. Why?  So you survive to fight another day, personally as well as organisationally, and so the experience and knowledge of your organisation is not lost in a final fizzle before going belly up. It could be mothballed, passed on or archived to ensure than when an opportunity comes again, and it will, the fruit of all your efforts is not lost. And we can help you with this too, so please call us to discuss so we can ensure together all of Staffordshire’s hardest won services and victories are not lost because of the current environment.