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SURVEY ‘Your Council Supporting Your Place and Your Communities’

Tue 15 Jan 2019

South Staffordshire Council are pulling together up-to-date data and statistics for the district such as economic data, health data, education etc., all of which will be used to inform our Locality Profile (Locality Profile 2018 is on the Council’s website) and it will be very useful to know if any voluntary and community sector organisations/groups are supporting our residents in areas relating to this data e.g. health support, debt/financial support, education/upskilling, family support, employment support etc.

Your views are important and they would like to know what you think is positive about South Staffordshire, and what some of the challenges are that you are facing.

Please find below the link to a survey for the Voluntary Community & Social Enterprise sector to assist South Staffordshire Council in creating an overview of South Staffordshire District through a place narrative, by capturing challenges, opportunities, concerns and possible solutions.

Voluntary and Community Sector Survey

The survey is open for completion for 3 weeks and closes on 1 Feb 2019.