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Supporting Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children (UASC) – Voluntary Sector Grant

Mon 3 Dec 2018

The National Transfer Scheme (NTS) is a voluntary arrangement that is designed to ensure a more even distribution of unaccompanied children across the UK.

The West Midlands has been successful in receiving a £1.9m grant fund from the Government’s Controlling Migration Fund (CMF) in order to ensure that all 14 West Midlands upper-tier LAs are able to contribute to the NTS and have confidence that staff are able to respond to legislative and statutory requirements for unaccompanied children. The grant, being overseen by the Migration Forum with support from the West Midlands Strategic Migration Partnership, is intended to develop expertise, raise quality and promote best practice across all services and communities supporting unaccompanied children, covering their education, health, social care, employment, and housing. 

The Migration Forum has allocated £440,000 to voluntary sector organisations who can help achieve these goals.  Grants to single organisations of up to £40,000 are available; organisations working together may apply for a larger grant where there are clear measurable benefits from joint working. 

We are specifically looking to support projects that:

·         Help UASC feel safe and valued.

·         Enable UASC to become the best they can be because they are fully integrated into our education and host community.

·         Enable UASC to be positive contributors to society because they are healthy; resilient; work-ready and assets to the community they live in; whether that is in the United Kingdom or if they return to their home country.

·         Enable UASC to be healthy both physically and mentally.

·         Enable UASC to be upholders and appreciators of British laws and values because they feel they are part of British society.

·         Enable UASC to promote identity, as well as integration by linking in with cultural resources and building links with host authorities and home countries.

The grant application form and guidance notes can be downloaded here: 


The deadline for applications is 5pm on 21st February.

We will be hoping to bring together interested organisations in a few weeks time to try and develop joint working opportunities thereby maximising the impact of the grant,building capacity within bidding organisations and developing more sustainable service delivery into the future.  It would, therefore, be helpful if you could express an interest in being invited to the meeting by emailing David Gibson at davidgibson@pcnregeneration.co.uk