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Stop Loan Sharks Community Funding

Tue 7 May 2019

The England Illegal Money Lending Team (IMLT) has funding available for groups that want to raise awareness of hte issues of illegal money lending.  The money available has come from the proceeds of crime taken from convicted illegal money lenders.

The aim of the funding is to give groups the opportunity to raise awareness of the issue, in their community in a different way.

Useful link - www.stoploanssharks.co.uk or look at the attachments for further information

Funding that can make a real difference

They want to actively encourage projects and initiatives that are different from the rest and will leave a legacy in the communities they are delivered in.  To make sure you have got what it takes, look at the main aims below:

1) Innovative - Has this been done before and if so what makes this project different?

2) Community engagement - WHo will this project reach and how many people will be involved?

3) Impact - How will it effect and influence the people reached and how will it change their actions and understanding?

4) Legacy - What will it leave behind and how is it sustainable?

Closing date is 30 June 2019