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Statement regarding Community Council of Staffordshire and Support Staffordshire

Tue 19 Jun 2018

In early March of this year we announced the proposal to unite with the Community Council of Staffordshire, subject to due diligence. That due diligence has now been completed.

The due diligence, as it is designed to do, highlighted some significant barriers to a merger of the organisations relating to historical arrangements for pensions and related matters. Despite considerable efforts on both parts we have not been able to resolve these issues. This is not an uncommon outcome of due diligence and is in no way a reflection upon the governance or management of either organisation.

We therefore changed our approach in May and have jointly identified and agreed an alternative means of securing successful deployment of CCS activities into the future. The Community Council of Staffordshire will therefore plan to close by 31 August 2018 and will make further announcements in due course about its full range of activities.

Support Staffordshire has agreed in principle to become the nominated local partner of the ACRE Network (Action for Communities in Rural England), though this remains subject to further agreement with ACRE.  This will ensure that rural communities in Staffordshire continue to have a voice as part of this important network.  We have also confirmed that our existing membership and support offer is open to all local Village Halls, who can apply here.

Garry Jones

Chief Executive 

Support Staffordshire