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Staffordshire Treatment and Recovery Services: Stakeholder Update

Wed 29 Apr 2020

Your service provider has changed  

From 1st April 2020, humankind have begun to deliver Staffordshire Treatment and Recovery Services; this includes t3 stars the young person’s element of the service.

All Staff from the previous provider have been TUPE’d across; we felt that this was a necessity as the staff are the ones with the knowledge of Staffordshire and its services and it has been widely acknowledged by commissioners, partners and stakeholders what a great job the team have done over the years

Humankind Priority

You will have seen in the news that the current measures have been extended by a further three weeks. Whilst there are some positive signs that lockdown is starting to have an effect, it seems likely that restrictions will be eased gradually and life won’t be fully back to normal for some considerable time.

Humankind recognise that these measures carry significant challenges, but please be assured that there will be no delays in young people having contact with their worker by phone, skype, zoom etc. and referrals are being accepted as normal.

What will T3 Stars be delivering?

t3 stars is a confidential service for young people up to 20 years old in Staffordshire (excluding Stoke-on-Trent).

t3 stars aims to help young people make informed choices about their alcohol and drug use, and to raise awareness of all the risks involved. This includes providing high quality and responsive support and assistance to parents and carers, schools, colleges, statutory services and other young person’s services and youth and community groups, enabling effective community treatment planning that reflects an inclusive approach to care coordination.

A team of qualified staff with specialist alcohol and drug knowledge and specific experience of working with young people will provide an initial comprehensive assessment of need, therapeutic interventions and motivational support, care planning and care coordination and access to specialist prescribing pathways.

Our aims are to identify appropriate care pathways into treatment, support and education, which reflect individual need, and also to reduce the harm caused to the individual service users and the wider community

Making a referral?

We only accept referrals for young people where they are aware of the referral and wish to see a key worker; this should be explored with the young person prior to any referral.

We are more than happy to discuss issues/concerns you may have about a young person you know or are working with, and their suitability for a referral to t3 stars prior to a referral taking place. When the decision has been made to refer we would ask that the referrer complete a referral form, giving details of other professionals who are involved in working with the young person, problematic issues and current alcohol and/or drug use etc. We also accept referrals either directly from the young person, their family or friends.

We endeavour to assess all new referrals within five days of referral. To make a referral please call or email the contacts on the contact list below

Contact Details:

There will be new contact details available very soon but in the meantime, you can contact t3 stars through any of the contact list below and hopefully landlines should be operational soon.

t3 stars (Staffordshire Treatment and Recovery Service)

Suite 1, 7-8 Mill Street, Stafford, ST16 2AJ

T 01785 241393 (Currently awaiting BT set up so please use mobiles)


YP Team Manager:  Kevin Woodhouse                    

07912 478114  kevin.woodhouse@humankindcharity.org.uk      


Lead Practitioner:  Liz Giles                                               

07872 060095  liz.giles@humankindcharity.org.uk                   


Admin Office:  Becky Good                             

01785 241393/07812 467030  rebecca.good@humankindcharity.org.uk


Young Person’s Substance Misuse Key Workers:

North Staffordshire (Staffordshire Moorlands, Newcastle, Stafford, Stone, Trentham)

Newcastle under Lyme | Danielle Ferrari-Wade

07872 060094 danielle.ferrari-wade@humankindcharity.org.uk                      


Staffordshire Moorlands |  Terry Sexton                                                                    

07872 060096  theresa.sexton@humankindcharity.org.uk                                


Stafford & Stone | Gareth Brown

07584 204667 | gareth.brown@humankindcharity.org.uk                                              

South Staffordshire (South Staffs – Penkridge, Codsall etc., Cannock, East Staffs – Uttoxeter, Burton etc., Burntwood, Lichfield & Tamworth)

Rugeley, Cannock & Burntwood | Sandra Abbott                                                                          

07872 060091 | sandra-jane.abbott@humankindcharity.org.uk                         


East Staffordshire | Adam Brunt                                                                             

07500 668077 | adam.brunt@humankindcharity.org.uk                                     


South Staffordshire | Dave Sheffield                                                                         

07725 603091 | david.sheffield@humankindcharity.org.uk                                


Lichfield & Tamworth | Jacquie Oxley                                                                          

07725 603086 | jacqueline.oxley@humankindcharity.org.uk                              

Intensive Prevention Worker:

Covering the whole of Staffordshire | Alan Simpson                                                                           

07814 772161 | alan.simpson@humankindcharity.org.uk