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Staffordshire Mental Health Helpline

Mon 8 Jan 2018

The Staffordshire Mental Health Helpline continued to be busy in the 3 months up to Christmas. Between October and December 2017 they received 8131 successful contacts, equally split between phone calls, instant messaging and texts over this time. This already takes the scheme over its 20,000 contacts for the year (currently at 24,878 by the end of December). Of these contacts, approximately a sixth were made by men with the majority made by women. This is the first quarter since the October to December 2014 period that they have seen a decline in the number of suicide related contacts. However this is still a high number - 211 compared to 136 in the same quarter of 2014/15. The full report on December 2017 call statistics is attached.

More information about the service is given in the attached promotional leaflet or is available from Mark Lawton, Operational Manager – Staffordshire Mental Health Helpline on 01782 406000 or by email  - mark.lawton@brighter-futures.org.uk



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