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SSASPB Annual Report 2016/17

Fri 5 Jan 2018

Independent Chair Foreword

It is my privilege as Independent Chair to write the introduction to this Annual Report of the Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Adult Safeguarding Partnership Board.

The Annual Report provides an overview of the work of the Board and its sub groups illustrated with case studies as to how the focus on Making Safeguarding Personal is making a positive difference to ensuring that adults with care and support needs are supported to make choices in how they will live their lives in a place where they feel safe, secure and free from abuse and neglect.

Whilst this report illustrates a broad range of achievements during the year it also highlights an increase in reports of safeguarding concerns in both Staffordshire, up 25% and Stoke-on-Trent, up 6%. Some of the increases are due to raised awareness of what constitutes abuse and neglect and how to report but it is widely believed that there is still under reporting and the likelihood is for reported concerns to further increase.

When the reported concerns are analysed it will be seen that the majority of people that these relate to are aged 65 years and older predominantly with physical support needs. When abuse or neglect occurs it most frequently takes place in the person’s own home or a residential care home and is perpetrated by people that they know who should be protecting them. Around one in four of the reported safeguarding concerns relate to People in Positions of Trust. In an ageing society there are many challenges for adult social care and safeguarding and it is vital to continue to work in partnership on preventative strategies to prepare for this.

It is against this background that I would again like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the commitment and enthusiasm of all of our partners and supporters including the statutory, independent and voluntary community sector who have a clear focus on doing their best for those adults whom we are here to protect from harm. This commitment is vital to sustaining the effectiveness of the partnership work.

I am particularly grateful to all who chair the Board Sub-Groups and the Board Manager Helen Jones and the Board Administrator Stephanie Kincaid-Banks who work so hard behind the scenes to ensure that our business programme works efficiently.

I look forward to working with you again next year.

John Wood, Independent Chair