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Spotlight on Volunteering from Home

Wed 10 Feb 2021

Under the current lockdown rules, volunteering is an acceptable reason to leave your home. However, with some groups currently closed, and other's utilising only their existing volunteer base, it might seem like a difficult situation to start volunteering. This is especially true when many people tell me that they wish to start volunteering so that they can leave their house and meet other people. However, one thing to keep in mind is that while we might be in lockdown right now, we won't be forever and many of the 'From Home' volunteering opportunities can lead to in person volunteering when we are allowed to and it is safe to do so.

In the interest of helping out their community, many volunteers are turning to volunteering from home and we do however still have volunteering opportunities from home available. This month, I have had successes placing several volunteers as Telephone Befrienders, Family Befrienders and Social Media Support. On my supported volunteering project I have also helping an individual find a role that will help them to gain vital skills for their future planned career. Remember also, that volunteering in this way offers a low time commitment, sometimes simply an hour or two a week - And yet, it makes a huge difference!

Does volunteering from home sound like something you would like to be involved with? If so, then we have groups still looking for:

  • Telephone Befrienders for the Elderly / Isolated
  • Family Befriending for New / Single Parents
  • Admin Support
  • Social Media / Website Support

Let me know by emailing edward.sumner@supportstaffordshire.org.uk which one you are interested in and I'll arrange for someone to contact you to discuss it further.

And finally, if in person volunteering is still your preference then, I would be happy to pass your details to the following groups, that will get in touch with you for once we are allowed to volunteer in person:

  • Caudwell Children
  • Midlands Air Ambulance Charity Shop
  • Daisychain Benevolent Fund Charity Shop