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Socially responsible agency offers exclusive services for VCSE sector

Thu 12 Oct 2017

Kiln is a new creative agency that will help voluntary organisations with everything from websites to business cards. Managed by VAST, Kiln will deliver affordable professional services and also reinvest funds in charitable projects in the local area.

VAST has spent the last ten years providing and developing a range of marketing and creative services for the voluntary sector. The Kiln project was developed because of a growing need for creative and IT help. Recent surveys and reports have revealed concerns about a digital skills gap in charities and the risks of underinvestment in IT, skills training and income-generation. Building on local knowledge and the experience of our creative and IT team, Kiln will provide innovative solutions for small and medium-sized VCSE organisations in Stoke-on-Trent, Newcastle and North Staffordshire.

And by providing affordable services and reinvesting through a pioneering bursary scheme, the agency aims to be socially responsible and retain much-needed funds within the sector.

‘In the past, charities have turned to creative agencies in the private sector to access these services,’ says VAST Chief Executive, Andrew Thompson, ‘but this can often raise questions about costs, shared values and whether a private partner will understand how charities and social enterprises work. There can also be concerns about VCSE funds being used to pay private bills. With all this in mind, we wanted to create something that could quite possibly be unique: our own socially responsible agency working exclusively for the voluntary sector.

Kiln will provide a wide range of services, including: website creation, graphic design, printing and marketing services, merchandise development and database support.

For more information on Staffordshire’s socially responsible agency, contact Kiln today.