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So tell me about Staffordshire. What would you say?

Fri 3 Jul 2020

The County Council is working with business leaders, our universities and other public sector partners to grow Staffordshire’s economy and create more, better paid jobs for our people. This work is now more important than ever following the enormous shock of the coronavirus to our economy and way of life.  

One aspect of this work is an exciting new project to develop a place brand for the county, or in other words a tool to help us promote Staffordshire and attract business, talent, visitors and students. It is the story of our county past, present and future – and the places and the people that make it special.  

We want to use the new place brand to build local pride and coStafford Castlenfidence in our great county, and to help us market Staffordshire as we reignite our economy post coronavirus.  

We want to hear what makes you proud about Staffordshire, how you feel about the area and how you might like it to develop in the future. With this online survey, we are seeking opinions and feedback to help shape a powerful new story about Staffordshire, and we would appreciate a few minutes of your time to answer the a few questions.

To complete the online survey click here