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Signpost Centre, Highfields – Five Years of Funding, Five Years of Hope!

Tue 4 Aug 2015

 The Signpost Centre has recently received news that it has secured a £370,000 grant from the National Lottery's Reaching Communities Fund to provide support to Stafford residents dealing with employment, debt, mental health, family and older person issues, over the next five years. Staff can continue to be employed, volunteers managed and clients served in the community cafe on Highfields.  The new project will start in September 2015 and will concentrate on achieving the following outcomes in four main areas:

  • 250 older people will feel less isolated and are enjoying better health and well-being.
  • 166 people with anxiety and depression will be feeling a definite reduction in these symptoms due to attendance at the centre.
  • 250 Unemployed people will increase skill, aspiration or confidence resulting in enhanced employability leading to gainful employment.
  • 250 Parents and children will have experienced a reduction in family tension, due to improved parenting skills, counselling and help.

The funding also provides a platform upon which to not only attract other grant funding but also to find other ways of creating sustainable income such as social enterprise models. For further information about the project contact Ken Down, Development Manager at: ken.down@signposts-services.org.uk