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Refugee Week 2018

Tue 12 Jun 2018

To mark Refugee Week 2018  Oxfam will be hosting an event on Thursday 21 June in the Market Square in Stafford. One of their main campaigns for the last couple of years has been 'Stand As One' . It calls for changes in policy around refugee rights -  to help them have safe passage to the UK, be reunited with family members left behind etc. They also work towards creating positive sentiment among the UK public towards refugees.

They are planning to set up a demonstration refugee camp focused around a mobile phone charging station in a refugee camp. This will be a space people can stop and engage with volunteers, we will share stories of Oxfam and partners work with refugees and of the enterprises run by refugees – such as mobile phone charging. 

Stafford Welcomes Refugees and volunteers from the locall Oxfam Charity Shop will also be present so that people can see how they can support the cause locally

People are invited to stop by between 9-4pm to find out more.