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Red Industries Landfill Communities Fund

Thu 15 Oct 2020

Applications are accepted all year round

Are you looking for funding for a project? Are you based within 3 miles of a RED Industries licensed landfill (ST5 6SB) or treatment & transfer station (ST6 2DZ) ?

Projects considered:

Public Parks and Amenities

Providing, maintaining or improving a public park or amenity which directly benefits the general public, including community centres and village halls, public sporting facilities, and bridleways and cycle paths. 

Conservation of Biodiversity

The conservation or recovery of a species in its natural habitat OR the provision, conservation, restoration or enhancement of a natural habitat.

Restoration of Religious Buildings or Buildings of Architectural or Historical Interest

Maintenance, repair or restoration of a religious place of worship or a building of historical or architectural interest which is open to the general public and is not-for-profit.

Check out the link below ...this is a rolling grant but there's a great chance of funding for the right projects if you can get your application in in the next 2-3 weeks.

Red Industries Landfill Communities Fund