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Quotes Welcome for Positive Futures Coach Service, East Staffordshire FIP

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Mon 11 Apr 2016

Announcement from Staffordshire County Council

An opportunity has arisen that you may be interested in to quote to provide the following service:

Positive Futures Coach Service, East Staffordshire FIP


The National Evaluation of Troubled Families identifies FIP teams as being as strength in turning around vulnerable families and being key in ensuring that change is sustainable, in the Staffordshire BRFC model.

Taking this on board it is proposed that capacity is increased within the FIP team by the commissioning of a new service.

The Positive Futures Coach will:

  • Have access to FIP training
  • Benefit from being part of a multi disciplinary, inter agency team
  • Be co-located with FIP colleagues and develop strong relationship with other Key Workers

The BRFC Programme within East Staffordshire would benefit by:

  • Increasing the skill base and expertise within the existing East Staffordshire FIP Team
  • Ensuring fidelity to the FIP methodology 
  • Ensuring clear accountability in terms of service provision and practice
  • Ensuring efficient, effective use of resource via speedy appropriate allocation and adherence to established assessment, planning and implementation processes and procedures.
  • Adding a new approach, i.e. coaching, to the existing FIP/BRFC Toolkit
  • Adding extended experience and/or skill sets to FIP e.g. expertise in supporting victims of domestic abuse, working with mental health issues, addressing substance misuse.
  • Making the additional resource, and the wider skill set and coaching approach, available across the range of BRFC intensity levels.

Scoping of Phase Two families in East Staffordshire continues to identify high numbers of families where there is Domestic Abuse, adult and child mental health issues, substance misuse, worklessness and financial exclusion.  We are developing a strategy to address issues around worklessness and this post would be key in enabling families to progress to work or training.

To address these issues the Positive Futures Coach has:

  • The ability to raise aspiration and motivation to enable families to engage with opportunities which provide progress to employment or training and to reduce financial exclusion.
  • A thorough understanding of parenting issues and a proven track record of improving parenting capacity
  • Experience  in  positively challenging parents regarding their roles and responsibilities
  • An understanding of working with families to raise aspiration and belief in their own ability to make positive change.
  • Experience of working with, or a good understanding of the issues and impact of  Domestic Abuse , substance misuse and mental health issues
  • The  ability to  work positively with families to actively engage them in the change process by empowerment and use of  coaching
  • The ability to implement and deliver a whole family approach.

The Positive Futures Coach will:

  • Work across all intensity levels as part of the BRFC programme to deliver appropriate activities around raising aspiration and removing barriers to progress to employment or training and to reduce financial exclusion
  • To work at an intense level with those families in greatest need who are or are at risk of financial exclusion and where there is domestic abuse, mental health issues or substance misuse.
  • To improve parenting capacity by raising parental awareness and confidence in their own ability to make and sustain changes that are required to ensure positive outcomes for their family.

Please find attached a quotation document to be completed and submitted to me electronically by 4pm on the 6th May 2016. Submissions after this date/time will not be accepted.

Any queries about this service or to discuss in more detail, please contact Richard Hodgens on 07964 327675 or via richard.hodgens@staffordshire.gov.uk