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Project Everyone virtual festival offers support to charities amidst COVID-19

Sun 29 Mar 2020

2 April 2020 | between 12pm - 6pm

Project Everyone is an online festival bringing charities together to share guidance, insights and expertise in the face of the current pandemic.

In the midst of this pandemic, charities throughout the UK are having to make drastic changes to the ways in which they operate and deliver their services. We will only be able to maintain our impact if we work together: sharing experience, insights and encouragement.

Fundraising Everywhere and Salesforce are spearheading the Project Everyone online festival on the 2nd of April. With growing concerns from charities about how to respond in this time of crisis, this virtual conference has been curated to help connect charities and fundraisers, enabling shared learning to support a response with confidence and clarity.

Digital technology provides a lifeline for charity operations in these uncertain times. But many charities are not at the forefront of digital innovation and may require support to continue to deliver services and mitigate the challenges of operating remotely.

Charities will be stretched to the max, delivering the very programs which will keep our very own communities safe and well over the next few months - they need as much help as possible.

This conference aims to support them through the current crisis - offering guidance, insights and the experience of our collective knowledge.

For more information and details on how to register read the full article from Charity Digital HERE.