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People Helping People Fund

Fri 12 Jul 2019

Despite dramatically reduced funding which means that Staffordshire County Council cannot do everything it once did, or would like to do, we can still make Staffordshire a great place to live and work. This means the county council and all of our communities need to work together differently, where the county council continues to focus on fulfilling its legal obligations and supporting the most vulnerable people in our communities, and communities do more for themselves and others.

Whilst we're living longer lives, we're not all living healthier and independent lives, with far more people needing very expensive social care later in life. But some of this can be avoided if people are able to do more to look after their health and wellbeing. Children have the best start in life when they grow up in a safe and happy home and with their own parents. Unfortunately, more children are in care than ever before and we would like to see communities supporting each other to reduce that need.

Each county councillor in Staffordshire will be looking for projects to invest in which will help people to get support in their local community in a way that suits the local community. In those places where there isn't as much support for people locally, we want our money to help to create something new - and in places where there is already lots going on, we want to invest in growing even more.

If you are part of a group and are hoping to run a project that will make a real impact on people's health and wellbeing or on children and families who need a little extra support, this fund is a fantastic way to receive some additional financial support to get you on your way.

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