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Mon 5 Nov 2018

Please find below information on the New ERA perpetrator services available across Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent.  Contact numbers for our team are outlined below and I have included links to our webpage, promotional clip for SPECTRUM and copies of our referral  forms for ease.

The New ERA perpetrator service is free to access to any adult or young person, living in the Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent area, perpetrating unhealthy relationship behaviour and/or relationship abuse.  We work with non-statutory clients and accept referrals from partnership agencies and self-referrals – the forms for this are attached.

We also offer intervention to children displaying unhealthy relationship behaviour or residing in an abusive environment.

The project provides early intervention, raises awareness of relationship abuse and works to reduce the risk of further abuse [which may lead to conviction].  Our services are tailored to each individual, covering male and female perpetrator behaviour, within hetero and same sex relationships.  Our intervention offers 2 perpetrator programmes; SPECTRUM and BBR, in addition to 1:1 working and pre/post-programme support.

We offer BBR (Building Better Relationships), consisting of 30 sessions of layered learning to address the factors which underpin the use of relationship abuse and support development of skills for change.  This is offered to those referrals assessed as posing a medium/high risk in initial assessment. 

A link to the promotional video for SPECTRUM is attached.  This is a 10 session perpetrator programme which can be adapted for delivery on a 1:1 basis for children and young adults.  This is the brand new intervention, created in conjunction with the MOJ.  The material within the programme is delivered using on-line media, following characters created from real-life perpetrator and victim profiles, scripted and voiced by ex-service users from their own experiences.

We have a Community Partnership and Engagement Officer; Jessica Meredith and a Community Support Worker; Fiona Aston who are available to attend team meetings, briefings and offer presentations.  Contact details for Jess and Fiona are below.

We also have two case managers who will be providing initial assessments, Case Management and delivering programme material to referrals received.  Again, contact details are below.

Please do contact one of our team if you have any queries, would like further information or wish to make a referral.  We will be happy to help you.

Fiona.aston@rrp.gse.gov.uk  tel. 01785 601690/07970275473

Jessica.meredith@rrp.gse.gov.uk  tel. 07976203618

Adele.montgomery@rrp.gse.gov.uk  tel. 0121 2734449

Catherine.anthony@rrp.gse.gov.uk  tel. 0121 2734357  / 07976 206388