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Marcus Warnes appointed as single Accountable Officer for Staffordshire CCGs

Tue 31 Oct 2017

Staffordshire CCGS are pleased to announce that Marcus Warnes has been appointed as the single Accountable Officer for the CCGs across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent.

As the current Accountable Officer for NHS North Staffordshire CCG and NHS Stoke-on-Trent CCG, Marcus will be stepping into the new role from the 1 November 2017 for five out of the six CCGs. He will be supported by Tony Bruce who will remain as Accountable Officer for East Staffordshire CCG until he leaves in March 2018. Marcus will then take on the role for East Staffordshire CCG.

The appointment follows a competitive interview process, with the final appointment approved by NHS England.

The six clinical commissioning groups agreed that a joint Accountable Officer would help streamline and strengthen commissioning and leadership arrangements, to deliver better outcomes for the people of Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent.

They are delighted that Marcus has been appointed into this key role that will lead to closer collaboration across our county. Marcus has been an integral leader in developing improved processes to commission health care services across Staffordshire. As lead on several key aspects of the Sustainability and Transformation Partnership he has worked tirelessly to join up the local health economy with partner and provider organisations. Marcus’ insight into local health needs and his strong track record in leadership will support us all in delivering our priorities

They would like to reassure you that each CCG will retain its own legal status, ensuring decisions are locally led. However, all CCGs are in agreement that this appointment presents a real opportunity for our CCGs to work closer together to deliver improved care for our patients.

Marcus Warnes appointed Accountable Officer, said: “I am really pleased to have been appointed and looking forward to the exciting challenge of aligning our commissioning and leadership decisions across the CCGs.

“Across the county we have common challenges in maintaining financial balance, managing pressures on urgent care and transforming services to meet the needs of our ageing population. By working together with our clinical leads across the six CCGs I’m confident we can meet these challenges and deliver a better service for our patients.

“Over the coming weeks I would welcome a phone call or meeting with you to answer any questions you may have. I am keen to keep you informed and involved as we develop plans for joint