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Macmillan Covid-19 Emergency Grant

Fri 7 Aug 2020

No closing date specified

Who can apply?

  • Macmillan Professionals
  • People Living with Cancer (e.g. Self-help and support groups but not individuals)
  • Voluntary/third sector and Community Groups
  • Partner Organisations

All applications are welcome to support people living with and affect by cancer in response to Covid-19, in particular those that are supporting all communities to help overcome the social effects during this time.

What we will fund

Support Grants awarded can be up to the value of £5,000. Some examples of what we will fund are as follows:

  • Support Covid-19 Mutual Aid Groups for cancer specific initiatives
  • Initiatives that support the Covid-19 emergency response that are cancer specific
  • Initiatives supporting those who are vulnerable and self-isolating
  • Support Group facilitation, initiatives for people living with cancer to stay connected, digital or otherwise
  • Volunteer Expenses
  • Signposting Information
  • Community Projects
  • Start-up costs for new support groups
  • I.T. equipment e.g. tablets (device only), Mobile Phones (device only) Laptops, Projectors 

What we won’t fund

Whilst there are exclusions listed below, we may be able to offer support through other funding streams, please speak to a member of the team for more information.

  • Salaries, on costs and overheads
  • Anything which is not in line with our charitable objectives and constitution
  • Activities that support fundraising
  • Any consultancy work that Macmillan would be the direct beneficiary of
  • Activities for wider use that do not specifically benefit people living with cancer

How to apply

Please email midlandsengagement@macmillan.org.uk to register your interest.