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Just Family CIC - Perinatal/Maternal/Parent Mental Well-Being Support

Fri 10 Jul 2020

Hello From Just Family

We just wanted to update you and share with you our current support offerings. We have recently been awarded funding so are able to offer our services free of charge and due to the strange times we have seen an upsurge in this Mental Well-Being need. 

Please do share our offerings to colleagues and/or anyone you feel would benefit from our support at this time. 

We are a fully registered Community Interest Company, with all relevant training, qualifications, insurance and DBS checks.  Our work is to support Perinatal, Maternal and Parent Mental Well-being this includes Mum, Dad, Carer and adoptive parents. Prenatal up to children 8 years. We will consider each case individually and are able to extend this if required and appropriate. 

Please find attached some information about the services and support we offer. 

As the situation is for ever changing please do contact us for the most up to date information. At present we are able to offer a weekly support group max 4 adults at our Stoke on Trent venue with full social distance measures in place - Babies welcome (These places must be booked in advance).

We are currently waiting for the go-ahead from our Chesterton, Newcastle venue so hopefully we will be able to offer a small group support here very soon. 

We can offer 1-1 support including baby/toddler Accredited bonding programme (This can take place in the home environment once risk assessment has been completed).  1-1 support can take place in many forms, outdoors public parks, walk and talk, task focused/ daily tasks support, small group support/social groups outside (Weather permitting).

We can offer advocacy service to anyone requiring assistance at pre/post natal, Hospital, Midwife, Health Visitor or GP appointments. We can tailor our support to meet the needs of the individual/family and we can also work in partnership with professionals to support and complement any psychological interventions. We also accept self referral.

If we do ever return to normal working we will offer the following groups that will hopefully be held at the local children's centres or using public library space. Our variety of groups are run by trained practitioners and volunteers that are here to help and promote emotional health and well-being ensuring a holistic whole family approach.

  • Just us: Perinatal Support Group (Mums mental well-being) from bumps to 4 years, Peer support, Tea/Coffee/Snacks, guest speakers as well as pre/postnatal advocacy service.
  • Just Dads: Perinatal Support Group (Dads mental well-being) Peer Support, advocacy service, Tea/Coffee/snacks, chat, guest speakers.
  • Just Enough: For parents, carers and their babies/toddlers – Enjoy simple, gentle and playful activities to help build a strong relationship with your little one.
  • Just Smile: Perinatal Support group for Mums/Dads and babies following a traumatic birth delivery including planned and unplanned C-Section.

Please like, follow and share our Facebook page and contact us with referral information, for an informal chat or to discuss any of support options further.

Telephone 07505 275 190    Email justfamilycic@gmail.com