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Invitation to Tender: Messaging Campaign

Mon 11 Nov 2019

We are seeking a marketing partner who will work with us over time to generate a series of key messages and help us to deliver them to the audiences we want to influence; on the basis of those audiences being novices to our cause.

We are willing to invest a significant amount of time and cash resources (initially in the region of £5,000) for the right partner with the right ideas and a clear understanding of our business and marketing goals.

We are not seeking to rebrand, to adopt a new name, a new logo or a strapline. We have tried this before and it has never proven to be a successful strategy. We are firmly of the view that our work cannot be communicated or summed up in one or two short soundbites or through a logo.


Support Staffordshire is a local charity which operates across Staffordshire and to some extent Stoke-on-Trent. We work with individual residents and with other local charities and community groups. We also work closely with local councils and the NHS.

Traditionally we have received most of our income from government grants and from selling our services directly to those who use them. As government sources of income are reducing we are facing a squeeze on these income streams, whilst demand for our services remains high or in some cases is increasing.

The Challenge

We need to raise new income from different sources, especially from individuals and organisations who are not currently familiar with or sympathetic to our cause. We also want to become more familiar to influential people and better understood by them when they make decisions that affect us.

To do this we need to communicate more clearly what we do; to gain both intellectual and emotional buy-in, which makes people want to support us.

However, this is not easy because we are not like most charities. We don’t support an easy to understand cause such as cancer support, children or animals.

Last March we celebrated our 5th birthday and produced this video as part of the celebrations, which we feel is one of our best attempts thus far to explain what we do to a novice audience; however, it’s ten minutes long so is not a practical way to communicate our message on a day to day basis.

What to do next

Expression of Interest are sought, with a brief organisational/individual CV or credentials plus an outline of your approach and initial ideas on no more than 2 sides of A4. Please send them to jennie.stewart@supportstaffordshire.org.uk by 9am on Monday 6 January 2020. Our Chief Executive Garry Jones will not be unavailable during this period but potential providers may contact lead Trustee Rowan Crozier on 07826 863924 if they wish to discuss or clarify the ITT proposal.

We are looking to invite 3-5 potential partners to a face to face presentation and discussion, likely to be held on Friday 31 January 2020, to discuss your ideas and approach further. There will be the opportunity for a phone conversation with Garry Jones prior to this, for candidates who want to take up the offer, where it will help them to hone and tailor their pitch.