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Introducing TURN Education CIC (who are talking to the animals...)

Thu 11 Jul 2019

If I could talk to the animals………. well now you can! ( and learn with them too)

TURN Education C.I.C has launched in Stramshall, Staffordshire with a flurry of feathers,  a clatter of hooves and a whole host of activities designed to develop confidence, resilience and responsibility in young people of school age.

TURN Founder and Managing Director, Caroline Hardeman - Mason welcomed a group of children aged between 8 and 12 over half term in February 2019 who took part in a range of therapeutic and holistic activities such as Den Building, Habitat Conservation, Campfire Building, Animal Care and Donkey Walking.

TURN’s vision and purpose is to help tackle underachievement and realise new beginnings for any young person in the area and is the creation  of  former Multi - Academy Trust Leader Caroline Hardeman - Mason. “I spent 13 years working with disadvantaged and marginalised young people in the Midlands and saw first hand the positive impact animals and the natural environment have on disengaged and struggling youngsters.”

TURN Education now opens its door to children of school age both in term time, weekends and school holidays running programmes to build confidence, cooperation and communication skills, offering opportunities to learn responsibilities around animal care and, as part of Animal Assisted Therapy, explore new ways to overcome challenges and barriers.

Half Term activities replicated some of the activities young people of all ages can engage with when spending time at TURN and as Founder Caroline Hardeman - Mason explained “the youngsters went from being told, to being shown, to doing it all for themselves over the space of just three days. A huge achievement when you remember they had never met each other, used these skills or worked in this way before”

“The future for TURN is one in which lots more young people will take advantage of the opportunities on offer and more community groups will be able to benefit from what TURN Education can do. We always welcome enquiries and visitors. With exciting new additions of a trio of goats and the impending birth of goslings there will always be something new to learn about at TURN education!”