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Informational Video: Older People & Dementia, Mental Health & Care

Tue 15 Mar 2016

Announcement from Paul Wiggins:-

Older People and Dementia, Mental Health and Care - 'A wonderful piece of writing relevant to so many different situations'- a Derbyshire NHS video that resonates for many.

I am advertising a free resource about listening to people who struggle to communicate, which has been well received by health professionals. I am reading out the poem.

This resource from the Derbyshire NHS Trust has been widely used in the UK particularly for young people to gain some understanding of the emotions surrounding dementia/mental health. 

"Thanks for your email with the link to your poetry reading. I am not surprised you have had such a positive response from carers and people who work in this field. I am responsible for organising citizenship in the 6th form here at Chellaston Academy and this is a resource that I will definitely use, either in assembly, form time or as a direct email link to the sixth formers on the topic of mental health, or just to encourage them to put themselves in the shoes of other people." - James Newton (Assistant Head of Sixth Form), Chellaston Academy, Derby.

Care, Compassion and Communication - Please Hear What I'm Not Saying

Despite poetry usually having little appeal to people in general, Derbyshire NHS Trust has successfully employed a poem 'Please Hear What I'm Not Saying' by Charles C. Finn. It has been called 'original' and 'unique', but the message is getting through. Even people (of all ages) who dislike poetry are watching the video and many charities, organisations including universities and hospitals are using the poem and video to great effect. 

"It embraces the issues of mental health and dementia. The poem has touched many people's lives and speaks with great compassion and insight into the human condition. It's a reminder to us all particularly those who have a role in listening to others including pastoral visitors. Indeed the poem speaks powerfully of significant realities and truths, to which so many of us remain insensitively dismissive."

The video is on youtube  http://youtu.be/XYLV7Tgbv8w  or you can google the poem’s title and 'Paul Wiggins' to view.