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Horninglow and Eton Parish Council COVID-19 Grant

Tue 8 Sep 2020

As an emergency response to the current COVID-19 pandemic, it has been decided by Horninglow and Eton Parish Council (HEPC) to implement a specially convened committee to respond to grant requests received from community groups or organisations seeking financial support but only specifically for their response to the pandemic.

Only those community groups or organisations providing a vital service will be considered for a grant award. These groups or organisations must be working locally and be able to evidence how they intend to support the communities of Horninglow and Eton. Applications will only be considered from constituted community groups or organisations with their own bank account. Individuals will not be reimbursed

The total HEPC COVID-19 fund has been set at £3000. The maximum grant award for any one application will be £500. A repeat grant application may be considered at the discretion of the committee.

What could be funded?

  • Provisions - such as food or cleaning items
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Publicity and printing costs
  • Transport costs
  • ID badges for volunteers
  • Storage equipment
  • Resources to support activities/combat social isolation

This list is not exhaustive. It is recognised a degree of flexibility will need to be exercised as grant applications may be varied.

What cannot be funded?

  • Salaries
  • Lost income
  • Professional fees
  • Non protective clothing

Payment of grants will be by cheque upon receipt of official VAT receipts/invoices but only for the specified items as agreed by the committee when awarding the grant. As an emergency measure a grant can be paid out prior to items being purchased but the applicant will be required to submit official VAT receipts/invoices as evidence once items have been purchased. Grants will be revoked in the absence of the required financial receipts being produced or if produced receipts do not match the grant application.

Please see attached an application form. For more information and to submit a grant form please email Cllr Lewis Anderson at landersonhepc@gmail.com