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Healthwatch Staffordshire needs your help!

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Thu 16 Feb 2017

Have you accessed any health or social care services during January - February 2017 such as attending a GP Appointment, or visiting your local hospital, dentist or pharmacy? If so Healthwatch Staffordshire would really appreciate it if you could share any new experiences you may have had. 

As you know, Healthwatch Staffordshire needs to collect feedback on service provision, to ensure that it is aware of any and all issues throughout the county, as well as any experiences of good practice. Healthwatch Staffordshire cannot do this without your help and assistance.   

We have over 1,100 services listed on Experience Exchange, in order for you to find your local service you can either type the name of the service in the search bar, or filter services by geographic location by clicking on the relevant district of the Staffordshire map. Services are listed in alphabetical order, and if you wish to access the next page of services, page numbers are listed at the top of each screen.  

You can access Experience Exchange by clicking the following link:- http://x2.healthwatchstaffordshire.co.uk/

If you can't find the service you want to leave feedback about please e-mail us, with your feedback.  

Thank you for the support.