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Goodbye Staffordshire Housing Group...Hello Honeycomb Group

Wed 18 Sep 2019

Like any good business, we need to grow, to learn and continually adjust to be ready for the future.  Our job is to make sure everyone knows about the affordable homes that we let and sell, the repairs and improvements we make, the determination we have for people to sustain their home and the support and help we provide to keep people within homes safe, sound and secure.

So, after 12 months of asking lots of questions to our customers, partners and staff from today, 16 September, we will be rebranding our entire organisation. Staffordshire Housing Group is now Honeycomb Group bringing together Staffs Housing, Revival, Glow and Concrete (both previously known as Arch).

Melanie Dunn, Director od Support and Wellbeing said "This is a significant moment in our history and something that colleagues and I feel incredibly passionate about."