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Golsoncott Foundation

Thu 4 Mar 2021

Application Deadline: 08 May 2021

Grants are available to voluntary sector organisations in the UK for projects that promote fine arts and music.

The Foundation has a limited amount of money that it offers in funding. Last year, its income was around £80,000.

Funding is at the discretion of the Trustees. Grants tend to be between £250 and £3,000 with most in the £500 to £1,000 range.

They are normally given on a non-recurrent basis.

The Golsoncott Foundation, a small charitable trust, has a small amount of funding which it offers as grants to voluntary sector organisations in the UK for projects that promote fine arts and music.

The Foundation's declared objective is "to promote, maintain, improve and advance the education of the public in the arts generally and, in particular, the fine arts and music".

Voluntary sector organisations in the UK whose focus is primarily on the arts can apply for funding.

'The trustees favour applications from arts organisations whose raison d’être is the art form itself, and its perfection or excellence in performance.'

The Trustees’ overriding concern is to support those projects that demonstrate and deliver excellence in the arts, be it in performance, exhibition, artistic craft, or scholarly endeavour.

Priority is given to applications that focus upon the perfection or promotion of the art in question. Additionally for those applications involving young people the trustees look to a long-lasting connection between them and the art form, one which aims at a significant level of participation and achievement, rather than projects that offer little scope for further involvement.

The following are not eligible for funding:

  • Capital appeals from museums, galleries, theatres, arts complexes or other projects.
  • Applications from individuals and students seeking funding for academic or vocational courses.
  • Schools.
  • Second or further applications to the Foundation will not be considered until a minimum of 12 months has elapsed since determination of the previous application, whether successful or not.

The Trustees normally meet on a quarterly basis (early March, June, September, and December). Applications for grants should be sent to the administrator at the registered office at least a month before the meeting.

Applications should be made in both digital and hard copy; accounts and other supporting information should be in hard copy only.

Applicants must submit a proposal in writing and include copies of their latest accounts. Details of the information that should be included as well as how it should be submitted can be found on the Foundation's website.