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ESIF Update - March 2016

Tue 15 Mar 2016

The Stoke and Staffordshire ESIF (European Structural and Investment Funds) Strategy has been refreshed and can be viewed on www.stokestaffslep.org.uk.

As previously reported, the decision on the stage 1 bids for Building Better Opportunities has been delayed until April. Currently there is no confirmation about how this will affect the later timetable. It should be noted that about £5M of the DWP European Social Fund allocation is outside the opt-in allocations and the ESIF Committee will have an opportunity to issue open calls for this. 

The next Staffordshire and Stoke ESIF Committee takes place on 10th May 2016. If you have any issues you want raising at the committee, or any questions about its activity, please contact your VCSE sector rep, Jill Norman at our Leek office on 01538 381356 or email her on jill.norman@supportstaffordshire.org.uk

Information on current open calls for European funding can be found on www.gov.uk/european-structural-investment-funds