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East Staffordshire Perception of Crime Survey

Thu 5 Sep 2019

SCVYS are currently undertaking a piece of research on behalf of the East Staffordshire Local Strategic Partnership. The aim of the research is to understand people's fear of crime versus the risk of being a victim of crime in East Staffordshire. More specifically we want to:

  1. Compare and contrast the perceptions of crime and the types of crime people fear in Burton Town, Uttoxeter Town and rural communities.
  2. Understand the places where people feel safe and unsafe and what makes people feel that an area is unsafe.
  3. What people think authorities can do to change these perceptions?

If you live in East Staffordshire, we would really like to hear your views via a short survey which you can complete by following the link here: staffscvys.org.uk/survey

Please complete the survey by Friday 20th September 2019.